Life List

I think happiness and success are two very different things.

I feel I have been lucky enough to not only discover the truest meaning of both, but also in-turn, live in the presence of both since relocating outside the US in January 2011. One thing that has been helping me work internally towards both happiness and success this last year-and-several-months:

I took my fateful first trip to Las Vegas for an internship that started my on my path to completing my professional goals roughly 6 years ago. Since then, whatever I set my mind to either personally or professionally, I have been able to achieve it.  I realized that the cliché that “you can do anything you set your mind to” is unequivocally true. If you are willing to put the time and effort into achieving your hopes and dreams, you can in fact, make them become a reality.

With that, I have been keeping a bucket/life list on throwaway note-pads and in my head for some time now, never willing to make it public for fear of the possibility I wouldn’t achieve all the things on the list. I’ve realized that, be it through run-good or work-hard, I have had a pretty good track record of success in reaching my goals. I decided it would be fun to keep track of my goals in a place where my friends, family and others can share in my joy every time I cross another item off this list.

I have made sure to include links or blog posts for all the completed items on the list below the individual categories on the list, so you can hear the “VH1 behind the music” sort of story behind the completed items.

  • Last Updated: January 18, 2013
  • Current number of items on the list: 86
  • Current number of completed items: 36
  • Last item crossed off: Sit court side at a Boston Celtics NBA game (December 12, 2012)
  • Next item to be crossed off: Work on a TV commercial spot (January 23, 2013)

Travel Experiences

ItemCategoryTargetDays LeftComplete
Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert of NevadaTravel Experiences31 December 2020175
Cage dive with sharks Travel Experiences31 December 2015-1652
Carnival, Rio de JanerioTravel Experiences31 December 2020175
Drink beer in BelgiumTravel Experiences31 December 20170!11 December 2011
Eat real Italian food in ItalyTravel Experiences31 December 20170!7 April 2012
Eat Thai food in ThailandTravel Experiences31 December 2017-921
Eat the best sushi in the world (Jiro's in Tokyo, Japan)Travel Experiences31 December 2015-1652
Go island hopping in ThailandTravel Experiences31 December 2020175
Go on an African SafariTravel Experiences31 December 2017-921
Go to Coachella Music FestivalTravel Experiences31 December 2015-1652
Hang out with a monkeyTravel Experiences31 December 20170!4 April 2011
Indoor SkydivingTravel Experiences31 December 20150!18 December 2009
Learn to roll sushiTravel Experiences31 December 2017-921
Mardi Gras, New OrleansTravel Experiences31 December 2020175
Meet a tigerTravel Experiences31 December 2015-1652
Oktoberfest, Munich, GermanyTravel Experiences31 December 2020175
Ride a gondola in VeniceTravel Experiences31 December 2017-921
Ride an elephant through the jungleTravel Experiences31 December 2017-921
Ride every roller coaster at Disney WorldTravel Experiences31 December 20250!16 January 2012
Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef, AustraliaTravel Experiences31 December 2017-921
Stay in a beach hut in the MaldivesTravel Experiences31 December 2020175
Swim with DolphinsTravel Experiences31 December 20150!10 January 2011
Take a tropical vacationTravel Experiences31 December 20170!20 February 2012
Toss a coin into Trevi Fountain in Rome, ItalyTravel Experiences31 December 20150!10 April 2012
Treat my parents to a vacationTravel Experiences31 December 2014-2017
Visit Amsterdam, NetherlandsTravel Experiences31 December 20150!4 April 2011
Visit AustraliaTravel Experiences31 December 2020175
Visit GermanyTravel Experiences31 December 2017-921
Visit IrelandTravel Experiences31 December 2020175
Visit LondonTravel Experiences31 December 20200!14 January 2011
Visit Marrakech, MoroccoTravel Experiences31 December 20250!5 April 2011
Visit Monte CarloTravel Experiences31 December 20200!26 April 2012
Visit PortugalTravel Experiences31 December 2020175
Visit SpainTravel Experiences31 December 20200!5 May 2011
Visit the CarribeanTravel Experiences31 December 20200!4 January 2011
Visit the Colosseum in RomeTravel Experiences31 December 20170!10 April 2012
Visit the Eiffel Tower in ParisTravel Experiences31 December 20170!26 August 2011
Visit TokyoTravel Experiences31 December 2020175

Completed items:


 Drink beer in Belgium

 Real Italian food in Italy   Hang out with monkey  Ride every roller coaster at Disney World  Swim with dolphins  Take a tropical vacation
 Toss a coin in Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy  Visit Amsterdam  Visit London  Visit Marrakech  Visit Monte Carlo  Visit Madrid, Spain

Visit the Caribbean


Visit the Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy  Visit the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Life Experiences

ItemCategoryTargetDays LeftComplete
Appear in a Rap VideoLife Experiences31 December 20200!8 August 2011
Be a key speaker at a college/conferenceLife Experiences31 December 20250!28 March 2012
Live outside the U.S. Life Experiences31 December 20150!16 January 2011
Meet Jason Alexander (George Costanza) from SeinfeldLife Experiences31 December 20200!7 July 2009
Own a dogLife Experiences31 December 20120!9 October 2011
Recieve a standing ovation from a karaoke performanceLife Experiences31 December 20130!16 October 2008
See DMB in concertLife Experiences31 December 20120!10 December 2010
See Jay-Z and Kanye West in ConcertLife Experiences31 December 20150!9 June 2012
See Seinfeld do stand-up in NYCLife Experiences31 December 20200!23 November 2012
See the Pope in personLife Experiences31 December 20170!9 April 2012
Work on a TV commerical spotLife Experiences31 December 2015-1652

Completed items:

 Meet George from Seinfeld

 See Jerry Seinfeld do Stand-Up in NYC

 Live outside the United States  Own a dog  See the pope in person  See DMB in concert
See Jay-Z & Kanye West live in concer

Sports Experiences

ItemCategoryTargetDays LeftComplete
Attend a muay thai fightSports Experiences31 December 2017-921
Attend the NBA finals (Celtics vs X )Sports Experiences31 December 2020175
Attend the SuperbowlSports Experiences31 December 2020175
Celtics vs. Lakers game at the Garden... when it countsSports Experiences31 December 2020175
Meet Larry Bird, Magic Johnson or Michael JordanSports Experiences31 December 2020175
Sit courtside at a Boston Celtics gameSports Experiences31 December 20200!12 December 2012

Completed items:

 Sit Court Side for a Boston Celtics NBA Game

Poker Goals

ItemCategoryTargetDays LeftComplete
Appear on the 2+2 PokerCastPoker Goals31 December 20200!22 May 2012
Get listed on the Hendon MobPoker Goals31 December 20200!9 April 2009
Play a WSOP EventPoker Goals31 December 20200!8 June 2010
Play poker with Daniel NegreanuPoker Goals31 December 20200!21 September 2007
Play poker with Phil IveyPoker Goals31 December 2020175
Play the WSOP Main EventPoker Goals31 December 2020175
Run a poker training sitePoker Goals31 December 20200!10 April 2010
Win a big MTT live or onlinePoker Goals31 December 205011132
Win a poker event satellite packagePoker Goals31 December 20200!18 May 2011
Win a WSOP braceletPoker Goals31 December 205011132
Work for PokerStarsPoker Goals31 December 20200!18 November 2010

Goals of Success

ItemCategoryTargetDays LeftComplete
Own a homeGoals of Success31 December 20200!2 February 2012
Own a successful businessGoals of Success31 December 20355653
Own dream carGoals of Success31 December 20252001
Own my dream homeGoals of Success31 December 20252001
Pursue my passionGoals of Success31 December 20070!7 March 2007

Skills to Learn

ItemCategoryTargetDays LeftComplete
Become a skilled photographerSkills to learn31 December 2017-921
Learn conversational ItalianSkills to learn31 December 2017-921
Learn conversational SpanishSkills to learn31 December 2017-921
Learn how to GolfSkills to learn31 December 2020175
Learn one good magic trickSkills to learn31 December 2017-921
Learn to play the guitarSkills to learn31 December 2020175